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Our CPR certification programs include CPR training, AED training, First Aid Training, Bloodborne Pathogens and BLS. Classes are taught by our American Heart Association Instructors. Our certification cards are valid for two years. You can also combine CPR Training with AED or First Aid Training or any other course to fit you CPR certification needs. CPR San Diego by Star CPR

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Classroom Courses


BLS for Healthcare Providers Course: $50.00 Class Schedule

BLS for Healthcare Providers Renewal Course: $50.00                Class Schedule

ACLS Initial Course: $175.00 Class Schedule 

ACLS Renewal Course: $150.00 Class Schedule 

Heartsaver CPR & AED Course:$55.00 Class Schedule 

Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED course: $85.00 Class Schedule


PALS Provider Course: $185.00 Class Schedule 


PALS Renewal Course: $150.00 Class Schedule

Online Courses

Our self-guiding CPR courses and First Aid courses are a cost-effective, time-saving alternative for those individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of Basic Life Support but whose schedules may not permit lengthy lectures and off-site instructors

BLS Provider Online: $70.00 Class Schedule


Heartsaver CPR AED Online: $85.00 Class Schedule


Heartsaver First Aid Only Online: $70.00 Class Schedule


Heartsaver CPR & AED Online: $70.00 Class Schedule


ACLS HeartCode Online: $210.00 Class Schedule 


Adult ECG Rhythm Recognition: For healthcare providers needing basic rhythm recognition skills, including those preparing for ACLS….Read More


This is a self-directed online course preparing healthcare professionals to evaluate and assess patients with potential symptoms of myocardial … Read More


HeartCode® PALS,  a self-directed program that teaches knowledge and skills needed to recognize and prevent cardio- pulmonary arrest in infants, children… Read More


For healthcare providers and those needing basic pediatric ECG rhythm recognition skills, including those preparing for PALS training. CE may be.. Read More


For healthcare providers and those needing basic pediatric ECG rhythm recognition skills, including those preparing for PALS training. CE may be.. Read More


If you have taken an Online Class separately with “”, We offer skills testing for your class Read More

Whats the Difference?

Family Owned STAR CPR Inc. is a family-owned, American Heart Association Approved Training Site

8 Years Experience

Teaching lay rescuers and medical professionals for over 8 years.

Many Locations

We now have locations in San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, and Phoenix Arizona.

Work in the Field
We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our instructors are medical professionals


Why Star CPR?

We encourage you to see for yourself why we are highly rated for our courses:

  • We strive to provide a relaxed & stress free learning environment
  • Retake our ACLS course as many times as you like for up to one year (from original class date) FREE
  • We present certification cards to participants in class immediately upon successful course completion
  • Experienced, friendly, and supportive instructors
  • Family owned and operated
  • Trusted & 100% American Heart Association Certified!!

Call us today to sign up! (619)988-0029

A Great Learning Experience

A great learning experience with values in the right place — learning and becoming a better provider. Chris Trujillo was a great teacher and the experience was not only pleasant but enhancing. So glad someone in medicine is focused on the “real” deal. Thank you,

Mark Kalina MD

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in all AHA courses and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the AHA.

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